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  1. Job title:

    export trader
  2. Job categories:

    Sales Department
  3. Work experience:

    3 people
  4. Working location:

    Fuchun Street, Fuyang, Hangzhou
The job description

1. Able to independently engage in scheme design work, write process plans, preliminary designs, and construction drawing designs, serve as the project leader, responsible for organizing and coordinating the entire design project work;
2. Proficient in water treatment design and process flow;
3. Familiar with the entire process, main links, and control points from scheme to construction site design services; Having on-site experience and project coordination experience;
4. Provide technical support to the sales department.

Job specification

1. College degree or above, English level 4 or above, and able to complete basic daily and business communication in English. International trade, business English related majors, or those with foreign trade experience are preferred;
2. Work diligently and meticulously, have agile thinking, can endure hardships and stand hard work, be proactive in work, have a strong sense of responsibility, have enthusiasm, and have a good teamwork spirit.

Salary details:
Salary composition: basic salary+commission
Social security type: Five insurances
Commission method: commission based on gross profit;
Specific interviews