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Beer is good or bad how to recognize, judgement standard is what

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If you put some beer in front of you, can you distinguish between good and bad? How to distinguish the quality of beer and what are the criteria for judgment?

Look at the production date

A simple and direct method - look at the production date, if it exceeds the shelf life, don't even think about it, just throw it away. According to international regulations, the shelf life of regular bottled wine should not be less than 4 months. Whether canned or bottled, the shelf life of beer is generally 4-6 months at room temperature and in a dark environment. If stored under refrigeration, the shelf life of beer can be extended to 8-12 months.

Look at the foam

Foam is one of the criteria to judge the quality of beer. A glass of foam rich beer looks more beautiful and makes people want to drink at first sight. Moreover, the rich foam on the beer can delay the release and diffusion of carbon dioxide gas in the beer, so that the beer can maintain its killing power (the carbonated gas has a strong irritation to the mouth) and refreshing feeling. However, before judging the foam of beer, first make sure that the glass is clean, and oil stains or dishwashing agent residues will damage the formation of beer foam.

Look at the color

The color of beer is very variable, and beer can be divided into white beer, yellow beer, red beer, black beer, blue beer, green beer, etc. simply by color. Regardless of the color of beer and whether it is deep or light, it should be smooth and eye-catching. To achieve a smooth and eye-catching effect, in addition to requiring a uniform color tone of the beer itself, it is also necessary to combine it with the transparency of the beer. We usually drink light colored beer, and light colored beer should be preferred, appearing light yellow or golden. If the color of light beer becomes darker, then the beer is likely to be spoiled or of extremely poor quality.

Taste and taste

After observing the color and smelling the fragrance, it is time to taste. Beer is used for drinking. After drinking, it should have a pure taste, a clear aroma, either fresh and refreshing, or full and mellow, with a pleasant bitter taste, carbon dioxide gas stimulation to the mouth, and no yeast or other odors. It is a good beer. Poor quality beer has a bad taste, with obvious impurities and strange odors, such as sourness, acidity, iron fishiness, bitterness, and excessive sweetness or insipidity.

To judge the quality of beer, we can follow the steps of "first look (look at foam, color, and transparency), second smell (smell aroma), and third taste (taste taste)". Foam, color, transparency, aroma and taste are the reference standards for evaluating the quality of a beer. If you have a clear understanding of these reference standards, you can basically evaluate the quality of a beer.